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AI Technology DISCORD.   A Walk-through of our Communty & it’s trader tools.

AI Trade Alerts for scalp, intraday, & swing trades.   AI  Technology & Data Flow.

Scalping….How to scalp using the Relative Strength Index. TOS Shared Links:



ThinkorSwim How to Fully Automate Your Orders Using a Trend Line Study.

TOS Trend Line Pivots:

How To Automate Option & Stock Orders on Think or Swim

Selling Credit Spreads! One of the highest probability of trades you can make. Warning to be safe: VIX or Volitility needs to be 20 or under to sell credit spreads of major stocks without issues.

How to Program Your Orders on TOS with Profits & Stops!

Opening Range Breakout with Fib Ext.

TOS Shared Link:

How to Exit Positions to Maximize Your Profits.

Day & Swing Traders, Stop Losing Your Profits. Figure out how to use the tools you have to scale out of positions with profit. Pigs get slaughtered!


Hi, I’m Sandra

I’ve been trading for 15 years & started Trading Made Simple to help others learn how to trade. I use a simple proven process. My goal is to help you learn short-term trading strategies, & trade automation to get you profitable fast.  I offer free education, & DISCORD AIgo Trade Alerts Technology Subscription. Let’s Learn & Trade Together..Step by Step.

  • Discord AIgo Trade Alerts & Data Flow Open Now!

Latest AIgo Data Analytics & Stock & Option Data Flow.  The AI algorythms analyze realtime data & chart analysis to give traders AIgo alerts for Scalp, Intraday, and Swing Trades. Take a video walk- through of the trade AIgo tools, and DISCORD community above.  I’m in the community answering questions & assisting our traders.  No contracts, cancel anytime.

  • Daily Watchlist Alert Channel from Algo Data Flow with Price Triggers for Calls & Puts 
  • Swing Trade Alert Channel: Calls/Puts/Debit Spreads/Credit Spreads/Butterflies
  • Income Strategy Alert Channel: The Wheel Income Strategy 
  • Monday & Weds Livestream Trade Room 9:15am EST – 11:15am EST 
  • Thursday Evening Live Trade Education 8pm EST with Q/A
  • Every Trading Day in our Discord Q/A
  • Priority Response to Subscribers Questions: Phone, Text, Email, Discord DM

New Services:  SMS TEXT TRADE ALERTS, Trade Automation, New Custom Indicators, & a Trade Education Library.  Videos & Blueprints using simple, clear and focused strategies that you can easily learn & take to any marketplace. Use my easy to follow course videos & blueprints that will guide you step by step to enter, & exit trades with profit.  Beginner & advanced education & training on how to trade different strategies during different market environments.  Video library also includes how to self automate your trades on ThinkorSwim, to take emotion & second guessing out of the equation. Set it & forget it automation.